We Buy Houses Jacksonville Florida 904-748-9714 We Pay Ca$h For Houses

We Buy Houses Jacksonville Florida 904-748-9714 We Pay Ca$h For Houses

So you are needing some fast cash, or have an annoying tenant, or perhaps you need to move to a new location fast and don’t have time to wait for a real estate agent to list your house for sale while waiting a year for the new buyer.  You are ready to just make a fast sell and get rid of the house that once was an asset but lately is more like a liability.  Let me help with you with that because we buy houses in Jacksonville Florida as well as Orange Park and surrounding areas fast.  WE NOW BUY HOUSES IN ALL 50 STATES IN THE US!

Now let me be very clear with you.  Our service is not for everyone.  We usually only serve people who want to make a fast sell and sorry but we do not buy at the retail price of the homes potential.  If you want to sell your house fast then we can buy it fast but at a discounted price especially if we are going to pay cash for your house here in Jacksonville or Orange Park.  If you want more for the house we can work something out but it will have be on different terms.

We have several ways that we buy houses which can be discussed once you call to see what would be the best solution for you.  A couple of ways includes, a cash purchase, taking over payments on your mortgage, as well as a few other alternatives.  It really depends on what you as the customer wants and what is most beneficial for you.  After speaking to you, if I feel that we are not the best solution for you and I can refer you to someone else for another service, I will let you know.  Again this service is for people who’s property is more of a problem to them then anything else.

My approach to buying your house super fast with all cash is a little different from some other businesses in which for one, I actually answer my phone, like really I do.  I will not send you to an answering service out of town or better yet to an answer machine/voice mail and call you back if I feel like it.  I have heard these complaints from customers that has contacted other businesses that buy houses, so I assure you that won’t happen unless I’m at a PTA meeting or something, and even then I will call you back within an hour or two My business model is to actually talk to my potential customers…what a concept right!

I also can buy your house with different solutions which also make my business model different from others that is in this industry.  So give me a call, Karen, at 904-748-9714 and see how I can help you while we buy your house fast with cash here in Jacksonville Florida!

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